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Welcome to the governing body webpage. Here you will be able to find out more about the role of the governors and how our governing body contributes to school life.


Remit of the Governing Body


The purpose of having a governing body is to:


  • Help the school to set high standards by planning for the school's future and setting targets for school improvement

  • Keep the presure up on school improvement

  • Be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice

  • Help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community

  • Make the school accountable to the public for what it does

  • Work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review

  • Exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff


The governing body reconstituted in March 2015 and consists of 6 Co-opted governors, 1 Headteacher, 1 Local Authority Governor, 5 Parent Governors and 1 Staff Governor. There is currently 1 Co-opted governor vacancy and 1 Staff Governor vacancy.


The table below shows the current members of the governing body together with their membership of committees and positions of responsibility.


Governor Name

Category of Governor

Appointing Body

Term of Office

Membership of Committees

Positions of Responsibility


Ms. Gemma Niebieszczanski

Co-opted Governor

Governing Body

07.07.15 to 08.07.19

Children & Learning Committee



Mrs. Janet Stainer

Co-opted Governor

Governing Body


to 09.03.19

Children & Learning Committee/Pay Committee/

Headteacher’s Appraisal Review Panel

Child Protection/

Safeguarding Governor

Mr. John Tyndall



Governing Body

10.03.15 to 09.03.19

Children & Learning Committee



Mrs. Chevonese Gilhooly

Co-opted Governor

Governing Body

08.03.2016 to


Resources Committee


Mrs. Sue Noble

Co-opted Governor

Governing Body

07.03.2017 to


Resources Committee/Pay Appeals Panel


Mr. Martin Lock

Chair of Governors

Local Authority

Local Authority

27.09.14 to 26.09.18

Children & Learning Committee (Chair)/Resources Committee/Headteacher’s Appraisal Review Panel/Pay Appeals Panel

Governor responsible for liaison with LA in the event of allegation (Child Protection) against Headteacher

Ms. Ashley Clark

Vice Chair of Governors

Parent Governor

Elected by


15.02.17 to 14.02.2021

Children & Learning Committee/Resources Committee/Pay Appeals Panel/Headteacher’s Appraisal Review Panel



Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) Governor/Looked After Children Governor

Mrs. Jennifer Larwood

Parent Governor

Elected by Parents

28.03.14 to 27.03.18

Resources Committee (Chair)/Pay Committee


Mrs. Lindsay Druckman

Parent Governor

Elected by Parents

26.05.2017 to


Resources Committee


Mrs. Leanne Duke

Parent Governor

Elected by Parents

17.10.2016 to


Resources Committee/Children & Learning Committee


Mrs. Rachael Wigley

Parent Governor

Elected by Parents




Children & Learning Committee/Resources Committee


Mrs. Pauline Crowley

Staff Governor


Automatically a governor as Headteacher


Children & Learning Committee/Resources Committee/Pay Committee




Remit of the committees


Governor committees are the mechanism for allowing governors to work in more detail than is practical at full governing body meetings, and for governors to focus on particular areas of interest and expertise. The committee structure facilitates broad participation by governors and offers the opportunity to review, question and challenge the information provided by the school. Governor committees work within terms of reference agreed by the full governing body which may include delegated responsibility to review policies, targets, budgets, results and other areas. The committees meet to consider the issues within their individual remits, and make recommendations to the full governing body where actions are needed. The valuable work that committees do enables full governing body meetings to be well informed and more productive.


The school have 3 committees as follows:-


Resources Committee


The Resources Committee has delegated responsibility for monitoring standards and progress in all areas of the school’s work relating to finance, personnel, health and safety and premises. To discuss, agree amendments and approve the school budget. To review policies relating to finance and health and safety and to review the staffing structure.


Children & Learning Committee


The Children & Learning Committee has delegated responsibility for monitoring standards and progress in all areas of the school’s work relating to children and their learning including SAT’s results, assessment, curriculum development and personal development.


The committee also has responsibility for monitoring all areas of the curriculum including the needs of all SEND pupils and to review policies including Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, Religious Education, Collective Worship, Sex and Relationships, Home School Agreement and the E-Safety Policy.



Pay Committee

The Pay Committee has fully delegated powers to implement the Pay Policy with reference to staffing and financial budget plans. Achieve the aims of the Pay Policy in a fair and equitable manner within statutory and contractual obligations. Apply the criteria of the Pay Policy in determining the pay of each member of staff in the annual review. Recommend to governors the annual budget needed for the payment of staff.