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COVID 19 Information for Parents/Carers

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Covid Behaviour Policy September 2020

September 2020 Recovery Curriculum

Returning to School Arrangements

New to Reception 2020 Parent Information

Back to School Resource Pack for Parents


What are the attendance guidelines from September? 

We have now received the latest guidance from the Government about schools' wider opening in September 2020. In this guidance it states that all children must return to school on a full time basis (attending school every day). It is vital for all children to return to school to minimise as far as possible the longer-term impact of the pandemic on their education, well-being and wider development. It is a parent's duty to ensure that their child attends school every day unless they are unwell. 

We ask that parents and pupils with significant health risks and who are worried about returning contact us so we can explain in person what we have put in place. 

If your child is unwell, please contact school by phone or email if necessary. 

Can I change the name of person I have listed for pick up and drop off at short notice?
Yes - the advice is that this person should live with you - just call the school and leave a message so that the teachers know who they are expecting.

I will need to bring a younger sibling(s) to pick up/drop off – will this be a problem?
If you are coming by foot, we ask for younger siblings to be in a buggy/carrier if they are not able to respect social distancing guidelines due to their age. Only one adult per family please.

 Will pupils be learning more about 'Anxiety & Mental Health' rather than focusing on the curriculum? 
We are aware that some children will have been more exposed to the news/conversations about the pandemic than others. Our aim is to keep things 'as normal as possible' at school for the children, but things will be different. It will be about addressing these differences and explaining them in an appropriate way, e.g. washing hands to stop germs spreading. Our response to anxiety and mental health will be on a more individual basis, it has to be - every family and child has had a different experience. Our 'Recovery Curriculum' aims to provide more time to focus on mental wellbeing and relationships.

Will children be able to bring their own packed lunches?
Yes, they can bring packed lunch.  However, we would encourage school dinners where possible as this reduces things coming in from home. A piece of fruit may be brought in as a snack for playtime, along with a labelled water bottle.

Can my child attend school if they are taking antibiotics?

A child with a high temperature/showing symptoms would not be attending school until a diagnosis is confirmed / 7 days isolation.  If confirmed to not be COVID and they are being treated with antibiotic for an infection this would be treated the same as we would normally.

What is expected of my child? 

Your child will be expected to follow behaviour rules relating to physical contact with other children, and keeping their hands clean. They will be expected to wash their hands regularly, and use hand sanitiser. There will be regular reminders for hand washing throughout the day and every room has a hand sanitising station. Children will wash their hands as they enter their classrooms, before and after break, before and after lunchtime and before the end of the day. 

Will staff wear face coverings? 

World Health Organisation Guidelines from 26/08/2020 outlined that staff are expected to wear face coverings when in communal areas when there is a lockdown in the local area. Until we are notified of a local lockdown,  staff will not be wearing face coverings in school. The government advice states they are not necessary. If face coverings are used on public transport to travel to school, they should be removed on arrival. Please take these with you and bring them back to pick up your child. Disposable masks will need to be put in a bin by the front entrance gate. 

Will there be wraparound care? 

Breakfast club and After School Club will run as usual from the start of next term. Risk assessments are in place to ensure procedures are followed closely. 

Will there be assemblies? 

There will be no school assemblies or class sharing assemblies in the hall next term. We will continue to deliver our whole school assemblies virtually and children will watch these in their classes. 

How do I let the school know my child has an inhaler/medicine?

Any inhalers/medicines need to come in on the first day of term in a labelled bag and handed to the classteacher. A phone call to the school office to inform them of the details and consent to administer should be carried out by you please.

Can my child ride a bike/scooter to school?

Children may bring in their bikes or scooters to school. These can be stored safely in the bike store. Please provide your child with a lock.