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Byfleet Primary


Primary School


At Byfleet Primary School, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum so that our children have the opportunity to emerge as engaged and informed citizens and learners, ready for the next stage of their lives by the time they leave us at the end of Year 6...


Curriculum Intent

To deliver a relevant, challenging and bespoke curriculum which provides our learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure they are equipped to continue to learn and flourish beyond Byfleet Primary.

Our approach to the curriculum complies with our duties in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, making our curriculum accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs.

The 3Ps Curriculum

The curriculum at Byfleet Primary is designed to be challenging, engaging and exciting for the children.  It is completely bespoke and closely aligned to the skill and knowledge expectations that are outlined in the Primary National Curriculum.

The model of the curriculum we have created is based around a concept we have devised called ‘The 3Ps’. These represent an important Person, Place and Point (time/date) relevant to each topic.  They will provide the focal points around which the learning will be sequenced, planned and taught.  The children will be expected to learn by heart these three key pieces of information (The 3Ps) for every topic as they move up through the school.  The idea being that by the time they leave Byfleet Primary School their general knowledge will have greatly improved.  The 3Ps will also provide children with three key areas to focus their learning, ensuring that they have the opportunity to go deeper into the more traditional topics and broaden their understanding of key skills with a particular focus on locality.

The 3Ps have allowed us to steer the curriculum towards areas which are relevant to the children and ensures that the curriculum taps into the local area and proves to be culturally significant for our learners. This has meant that we have been able to break away from more traditional topics to create topics which are bespoke and interesting for our children. Where statutory topics remain, The 3Ps have allowed us to drill down past the traditional programmes of study into more in-depth studies associated with the topic. English, maths, science and computing continue to be taught discreetly, with relevant links to The 3Ps being made where applicable, particularly through the choice of key book studies for each class in English.

We began the implementation phase of the curriculum development in September 2022 and will continue to be remodelled and developed throughout the academic year.

Autumn Term

Year Topic Title Person  Place Point
Year 1 Mapping the Monarchs Queen Victoria Kings Head Lane 2022
Year 2 Burning Byfleet King Charles II Byfleet Fire Station 1865
Year 3 Ages Ago Cheddar Man Stonehenge 3180BCE
Year 4 Burnt Cakes Alfred the Great Lundenwic 1066
Year 5 XX Krystyna Skarbek Bletchley Park 1939
Year 6 Homegrown Heroes H.G. Wells The Ruhr 1907

Spring Term

Year Topic Title Person  Place Point
Year 1 To the Ends of the Earth Mathew Henson The Bahamas 2012
Year 2 Layers of London Londinium Henry VIII 1603
Year 3 Fantastic Plastic? Kahi Pacarro The Great Pacific Garbage Patch 2017
Year 4 Beneath the Surface Greta Thunberg Mariana Trench 2047
Year 5 Up, Up and Away! Amy Johnson Heathrow Airport 1903
Year 6 Against the Odds Tilly Smith Weddell Sea 1912

Summer Term

Year Topic Title Person  Place Point
Year 1 London Landmarks Augustus Putin Tower Bridge 1990
Year 2 Britain's Great Sir David Attenborough White Cliffs of Dover 1902
Year 3 Resisting the Romans Hannibal Colchester 79CE
Year 4 Achieving Their Highest Stephen Hawking South Africa 1989
Year 5 The Greatest Empire Alexander the Great China 1833

Teaching of Individual Subjects

Currently the humanities are taught as part of The 3Ps. Other subject are currently taught explicitly but will begin to be embedded as part of The 3Ps as the curriculum develops.