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Flags of Spain and the United Kingdom - Split Spanish Flag and British Flag  3D Illustration Stock Illustration | Adobe Stock

The Spanish Medium-Term Plan can be found here.

Hola! We are fortunate to have our own native Spanish facilitator, who delivers Spanish to all of our children from Reception to Year 6 every week

Did you know, Spanish is spoken in more than 21 countries....

Teaching our children a modern foreign language we feel is an important life skill for their future life and potential careers as they enter adulthood and wish to explore the wider world.

Meet Senora Wyatt, who teaches through repetition, songs, puppet work and interaction each week. Her mother-tongue is Spanish and we love hearing all about her interesting stories about growing up in Chile, South America.

Here she is with her beloved Spanish puppets, Manuel, Marguerite-Superstar and Pollo, who are always on hand to help her deliver her highly engaging lessons.


Spanish Resources To Use At Home: