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Welcome to Caterpillar Class 
We are very busy in Caterpillar Class learning across the curriculum to meet the ‘Early Learning Goals’. There are 7 areas of learning in Reception which include; Communication and Language, Mathematics, Literacy, Personal Social and Emotional, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design and Physical Development. Throughout the week the children will be encouraged to take part in a variety of activities which cover the curriculum.
Our Topic for this term is:
Me and My world- Summer Term 1
Animals Far and Near- Summer Term 2

Summer Term 1: Me and My World
During this topic we will be learning about;
(how we grow and keep our bodies healthy).
Flowers and growing (how plants and flowers grow, where fruit and vegetables grow)
and life cycles (
how butterflies and frogs grow and change)

Summer Term 2: Animals far and near

Farm animals
Zoo animals and where they come from. (
Looking at different countries)

Reading and Writing
The children have now learnt all set 1 sounds which covers all letters in the alphabet and some more complex sounds in set 2 such as ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, ar .
They have now got all of the sound cards that they need to learn and use to make words.

The children will continue to bring home reading books. Their books will be changed once there is a comment to suggest the book has been read.  

Show and Tell
We do ‘show and tell’ in Caterpillar Class; this is a chance for your child to bring something from home to share with the class. We do ask that the children try and stick to the topic bringing in books, drawing/writing, photos and toys that are linked to what we are learning about.

Please do not send in fragile items as the children do handle them when showing the class.

The Library

The children have really enjoyed their library times! The children visit the library on for story time. They will visit again on to choose a book to take home.
Your child will need to bring their library book back to school on a  ready to change it on
Your child needs to bring their library book to school every week, even if they would like to keep it for another week!

PE kits need to be brought to school on a  and taken home on

Thank you
Miss Kirby