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We are busy Caterpillars!

We are busy Caterpillars! 1
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Welcome to Caterpillars 



The children have settled into school life well and have made good friendships within the class.


This year our topics will be:


Autumn term 1- Fairy Tales, Family and Me


Autumn term 2- Fantasy


Spring term 1- Space


Spring term 2- The People Who Help us


Summer term 1&2- Growing Things and Animals 


We do have a weekly routine which provides for carpet time and class inputs for; Maths, Literacy/Phonics, Understanding the World (which involves learning about people and the community, the world around us and computing), Expressive Arts and Design (cooking, art, drama and dance). Also included is Personal, Social and Emotional Development where we will have planned circle times to discuss feelings, behaviour, and promote self-confidence.


Although we do have a busy day at school a lot of learning is promoted through play based activities. The children are encouraged to explore all areas of the classroom and choose where they would like to play. The adults in the class support the children by introducing new vocabulary and skills through their play.



The children will be bringing a sound sheet home to complete with you at home, these will be added to their folders daily as they learn the sound.

Once all of the sounds have been learnt your child will no longer have the sound sheets to complete.


Reading books

The children will also bring home a reading book, to begin with all children start on a picture book to encourage them to talk about the pictures and create stories of their own. They will then move on through the book stages as they develop their reading skills.

Books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday until half term and then they will be changed more frequently. We only change books once a comment has been made to indicate the book has been read.


Please keep reading books in your child’s zippy folder, in their book bags.


Show and Tell

Each group will have a set day to bring in something special from home. Please try to link show and tell items to our topic and avoid sentimental toys and valuable items where possible. We love to see photos, pictures and writing from home!

Please see the notice board for your child's day.


Any items brought in must be in a named plastic bag



Our PE day is Thursday morning. Please ensure your child brings their PE kit in on a Monday and takes it home on a Friday. They will need their winter kit as they will be doing PE outside if it is not raining. (Winter kit- tracksuit bottoms and a jumper)


Blue Communication books

Thank you all for using your blue Communication books. They are checked every day so please feel free to write any questions in them for me to reply.


If you have any worries or concerns please feel free to arrange a meeting with me at the end of a school day. Please be aware that we have to ensure each child is given to their parent before I can give you my full attention so waiting in our small playground until the last child has left the classroom would be very much appreciated.


Thank you very much 

Miss Kirby