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Reception Caterpillars

Welcome to Caterpillar Class 

Our Topic for this term is Transport! 

Each week we have a mini topic. We will be looking at each type of transport in detail and looking at the journey's we can make using each one.

We will start by looking at how we travel to school and then moving on to cars, boats, trains, buses and planes.

Reading and Writing


As you are aware reading books are now changed on a daily basis. Unless there is no comment made or the book is not returned.

We are so pleased with how well every child is doing with their reading, it is so lovely to see their faces light up when they learn to read a sentence.
Thank you for all the support with home reading it really helps and makes a difference!


The children are becoming such confident writers. They are now beginning to write sentences using punctuation, such as capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

In Numeracy we are going to focus on problem solving and using numbers. We will also be looking at bigger numbers and using those in our problem solving activities.

With regards to
show and tell we are starting to follow a theme according to the terms topic. If your child has anything to do with transport we would love to see it and learn all about your child's experience. This could include; train and bus tickets, boarding passes, maps or photo's of your child riding a bike, in a car, on a boat/plane, Lego Land cars, horse riding etc. 

Please remember that your child does need a water bottle at school every day.


They also need to bring their P.E kits to school on a Monday and take them home on a Friday. Please ensure that every item of clothing is clearly labelled as we are having to spend lots of time sorting out each child's P.E bag at the end of each session which is very difficult when we do not know to whom the clothes belong!



We have been so busy in Caterpillar class, Please look at our pictures to see more about our busy days at school!


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Picture 30
Picture 31 We learnt how to balance!
Picture 32
Picture 33
Picture 34 We learnt how to travel in different ways in PE
Picture 35
Picture 36
Picture 37
Picture 38 We sing lots of songs and take turns to choose one
Picture 39 We all work as a team in caterpillar class
Picture 40 We learnt about our body
Picture 41 We love to use the Interactive Whiteboard
Picture 42 We practise our writing on white boards
Picture 43 We love to play outside in our garden!
Picture 44 We love to make patterns on the peg boards