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Covid Behaviour Policy September 2020

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Returning to School Arrangements



Can I change the name of person I have listed for pick up and drop off at short notice?
Yes - the advice is that this person should live with you - just call the school and leave a message so that the teachers know who they are expecting.


I will need to bring a younger sibling(s) to pick up/drop off – will this be a problem?
If you are coming by foot, we ask for younger siblings to be in a buggy/carrier if they are not able to respect social distancing guidelines due to their age.


If we decide ‘yes’ to send our child back, could we reverse this decision at any point?
If you change your mind at any point, that is fine - just let us know via email.


Are the children going to continue working with their Home Learning whilst in school? 
Yes. The Home Learning provision is to ensure equality and equity for those choosing to be at home or attending school. We wanted to ensure that parents' decisions to return to school is not based on a fear of them 'missing out' academically. Those children at school will be getting a different kind of input to those at home, but the work will be focused around the same objectives that those at home are working towards.


 Will pupils be learning more about 'Anxiety & Mental Health' rather than focusing on the curriculum? 
We are aware that some children will have been more exposed to the news/conversations about the pandemic than others. Our aim is to keep things 'as normal as possible' at school for the children, but things will be different. It will be about addressing these differences and explaining them in an appropriate way, e.g. washing hands to stop germs spreading. Our response to anxiety and mental health will be on a more individual basis, it has to be - every family and child has had a different experience.


Will children be able to bring their own packed lunches?
Yes, they can bring packed lunch.  However, we would encourage school dinners where possible as this reduces things coming in from home.


Can my child attend Part-Time?

Year groups that have been offered a place (Reception and Year 1) must attend full-time.  Of course if you have any concerns you can speak to us to discuss.


Can my child attend school if they are taking antibiotics?

A child with a high temperature/showing symptoms would not be attending school until a diagnosis is confirmed / 7 days isolation.  If confirmed to not be COVID and they are being treated with antibiotic for an infection this would be treated the same as we would normally.