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Week Beginning: 15th June 2020

This week our topic is: Jumping Jungles


We will be exploring jungles through the stories below:

 The Selfish Crocodile-


Giraffes Can’t Dance-


  New sounds being taught daily on the Read, Write Inc YouTube channel. Please continue to practise these sounds daily.


Don't forget to keep active with Joe Wicks. Free PE lessons daily at 8:55am


We would now be expecting all children to try writing independently. Allow your child to use their sounds and spell words phonetically!


Practise saying, writing and using set 1 sounds daily: m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, sh, ck, r, j, v, y, w, th, z, ch, qu, x, ng, nk


Review and familiarise set 2 sounds: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (long sound- zoo) oo (short sound- book) ar, or, air, ir, ou, oy


Phonics: Can you practise writing 10 sounds in your red Phonics book Remember to start your sounds in the correct place. Check our formation sheets for help!

Can you read some of Fred’s words? (Read them on screen or print if you wish)

Fred’s words are getting longer now, be careful to say all of the sounds and then read the word.

drip, from, gran, slid, trip, best, bend, hand, send, fluff

Ask an adult to say each word. Sound it out using your ‘Fred Fingers’ and then have a go at writing the word without any help in your red Phonics book.

Don’t forget to share your learning on ‘Evidence Me’.

I love to see videos of you saying your sounds.


Maths: Last week we explored measuring. We used objects to measure the length of objects.

Here is a game where you can use a ruler to measure the length of objects.

Can you draw 3 animals in size order in your big yellow book from the biggest to the smallest or the smallest to the biggest. What animals will you draw?


Challenge: We are learning all about the jungles and rainforests. If you went to the jungle what might you see and hear? Here is a video exploring jungle animals, listen out for the animal facts too!


Can you draw a picture of a jungle and add your favourite jungle animals?

Below is a list of animals you might like to add to your picture.


Phonics- Practise reading set 1 and set 2 sounds.

Have a go at writing 10 sounds in your red book- are there any sounds you find difficult or you have forgotten the correct formation? Let’s keep practising to become Handwriting Heroes!

Challenge: Can you write the words for my pictures below? Once you have written the words, can you use one or two of your words to make a sentence!


Maths: Today we are going to explore the weight of objects. We can usually tell when something is heavy or light, but can we order items by weight. To explore the weight of an object we need to use scales.

In this game it explores weight using a balance scale.


Challenge: Now that we know the animals that live in the jungle, can you have a go at writing about a jungle adventure. You can use the template or write straight into your little yellow book.

If you went on an adventure through the jungle what might you see and what might you hear?


Phonics: Practise reading our ‘special friend’ sounds. Do you know them all? Can you send me a video of your saying your sounds?

Have a go at reading my sentences today. How many words can you read by sight? Can you read the words using our ‘Fred in your head’ say the sounds in your head then say the word aloud!

Challenge: Hold a sentence challenge- remember you should be able to write this with little or no support. The only help you may need is your adult to repeat the sentence to remind you what to write.


Maths: Explore the weighing challenge below.


Challenge: Read the story ‘The Selfish Crocodile’ or listen to the story using this link

The crocodile was not very kind to the other animals in this story, he did not share and was very grumpy. The mouse however was very helpful and kind to the crocodile.

Can you think of something kind you could do for someone? How would you make someone feel happy?

Can you also think of something that is unkind- what might make people sad?

Using the template below can you draw or write an example of being kind and of being unkind!

There are some examples below for you to sort and discuss with your adult.


Phonics: Explore a set 2 sound spelling lesson on YouTube:  

Challenge: Can you write a sentence using a word you learnt to spell today?


Maths: Let’s explore the number 10. How many ways can we make 10?

Can you count out 10 items- Lego, pasta, sweets, small toys. Can you separate the amount into two groups- you could use two plates to share the items between?

How many have you got in each group? Remember it will always make 10 when we count them altogether.

Each time you share the items can you write the matching number sentence. See my example below.


Challenge:  Let’s gets creative. Have a look at the arts and craft activities I have found!

If you find your own feel free to do them and send a photo of your masterpiece to me!


Phonics: Explore a game on Phonics Play. Log in using: User name: march20  Password: home

Click the link and scroll down to Rocket Rescue

Have a go at typing in the correct spelling for the words to fix the rocket.


Maths: Have a go at writing your numbers to 20, make sure you use the correct formation. Remember last Friday we learnt to write numbers using our hands. Have another go!


Let’s play a game today- can you find a game in your house that you have to take turns such as snakes and ladders, frustrations or snap. When we play games, we use lots of lovely language such as: I need 2 more to win. You are beating me by 5.

Whilst you play your game, see if you can be a commentator using lovely Mathematical language.  



Andy went to explore the jungle and found lots of Orangutan. If you went to the jungle, what would you take with you and what would you like to find?

Draw or write a list of the things you would take and then add your favourite animal that you would like to search for.

Challenge: Can you find out an interesting fact about your favourite jungle/rainforest animal.