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Week Beginning: 18th May 2020


Maths: Multiplying fraction and mixed numbers by integers

Follow this link and watch the videos

Complete the two activities attached.


English: Read the extract attached for this week. Then complete Task 1: Explore it. Remember to add as much detail as you can to your answers.


Maths: Multiplying fractions by fractions. Follow this link, complete the paper folding activity and watch the video. Then, Complete the two activities attached, remember to show your calculations and working out.


English: Re-read the extract for this week. Then complete Task 2: Illustrate it.

Once you have finished your illustrations add the words and phrases which created this imagery in your head.


Maths: Divide fraction by integers.

Make the whole number a fraction, remember any whole number as a fraction is itself over 1, so 3 = 3/1 

In class we used KFC (Keep the first fraction, Flip the second fraction upside down and Change the division symbol to multiply) to help us divide fractions by integers.

Helpful hint for multiplying fractions: Multiply numerator by numerator and denominator by denominator. 

Follow this link, watch the first video and then complete activity one, then watch the second video and complete activity 2.


English: Complete Task 3: Talk about it.


Maths: Problem Solving- Nrich- A Square of Numbers.

This activity can be completed on line or using the attachment found below.

The aim is to arrange the digits 1-8 in the circles so all the calculations are correct.


Challenge: Find more than one way of making this work.


English: Complete Task 4: Imagine it.


Maths: Login to Purple Mash and complete the three tasks set.

English: Complete Task 5: Create it.



This week we will be focusing on how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Go through the PowerPoint attached and identify the healthy and unhealthy foods. Read through the information and consider the impact vitamins, nutrients and exercise have on our bodies.

For your task this week, research a sport you enjoy and write about its impact on our health and well-being. Why is it important to exercise? Why is it important to have a healthy diet? What is the impact on our bodies of both?

You can present your work as a poster or electronically.

Templates attached may help.

You may wish to keep an exercise diary using the template provided.


Read through the PowerPoint and note the differences between Athens and Sparta. Make a table noting the differences between the two.

The table attached below may help with this.

Read through the battle story and sequence the events.

You may use the resources attached or make your own story board.


Complete the discussion activity attached with an adult.

Think about the ways you can be safe online. What would you do if a situation online made you feel worried?