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Week Beginning: 20th April 2020

Week beginning: 20th April 2020

Encourage your child to read daily and complete their reading record.



Inset Day - please look at the Easter Activities page.


Maths: “The Mystery of the Missing Shield” – Read the introduction and complete the first clue.

English/PSHE: This week we celebrate St George’s Day (23rd April). Have a look at the Power Point all about it and create your own fact page either on paper, on a Word document or a Power Point slide of your own.

Art: There’s a template to design your own shield too, but you could do this out of pasta, natural materials, paint, playdough, etc. – take a photo of your shield and email to me – your picture might make the next edition of “Byfleet Buzz!”


Maths: “The Mystery of the Missing Shield” – Clue 2.

English: Watch:

(A spider spinning a web in slow motion)

This is a clue about the new text we will be studying over the next couple of weeks.

What do you know about spiders? What would you like to know? Begin to research about them, particularly focusing on barn spiders. (Oh – another clue!)

Below is a research template if you would like to use it.


Maths: “The Mystery of the Missing Shield” – Clue 3.

English: Read the attached facts about the author of our text – can you work out who he is?

Do a Google search and draw a picture of him and/or write down any additional facts you find out.


Maths: “The Mystery of the Missing Shield” – Clue 4 and 5 – Now put the clues together to reveal the answer! Did you solve it?

English: You have probably worked out our new text now! – Don’t worry if you haven’t – the attachment is a picture of the front cover – time to make some predictions about the story:

I think that the story is set in/on… I think that it is about … etc.

Also, you need to write down questions you might have about the book, just by looking at the cover: Who are the characters? Who is Charlotte? Is Charlotte the girl on the cover? etc.


Don’t worry if you don’t have your own copy of the book – next week each of the lessons will be based on an extract provided, but if you do have a copy – why not start reading the book this weekend?


Practise your spellings daily using one of the activities from our school's spelling approach: 

See attached sheet – focus -ary

Science: Can you carry out an experiment to investigate how light affects plants? – See attachment for an investigation sheet template or create your own.

Have a look at the class clip – What do plants need to grow and then on page 3 – why do plants need ….to see what plants also need and why.

Topic: Our new topic is “The Rainforest.”

Check out the Power point as an introduction and fill out a KWL grid using the attachment or create your own grid.

K = What do you know already about the Rainforest? – list the facts you know.

W = What would you like the know? – list the questions you have.

L = What have you learnt? – fill this section in as we go through the topic – answering your questions and writing down other facts you have learnt.