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Week Beginning: 22nd June 2020

This week our topic focus is: Beneath the Blue

This week we are exploring under the sea, particularly looking at Fish. Our story focuses will be:

The Rainbow Fish-


Fidgety Fish-


  New sounds are being taught daily on the Read, Write Inc. YouTube channel. Please continue to practise these sounds daily:


Don't forget to keep active with Joe Wicks. Free PE lessons daily at 8:55am:


We would now be expecting all children to try writing independently. Allow your child to use their sounds and spell words phonetically!


Practise saying, writing and using set 1 sounds daily: m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, sh, ck, r, j, v, y, w, th, z, ch, qu, x, ng, nk


Review and familiarise set 2 sounds: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (long sound- zoo) oo (short sound- book) ar, or, air, ir, ou, oy


Phonics: Can you practise writing 10 sounds in your red Phonics book. Remember to start your sounds in the correct place. Check our formation sheets for help!

Can you read all of Fred’s words? (Read them on screen or print if you wish)

Fred’s words are getting longer now, be careful to say all of the sounds and then read the word.

Choose 5 of Fred’s Words to write. Ask your adult to say the word. Say the sounds out loud and then write it down. Did you spell it correctly?

Don’t forget to share your learning on ‘Evidence Me’.

I love to see videos of you saying your sounds.

Maths: Today we are going to explore sharing an amount equally between two groups. Click the link to explore sharing.


Using number cards to 20 can you find out which amounts we can share fairly between two groups.

Take a number, count out that amount of objects, then share the amount between two!

You might need to use your favourite Teddy or toy to share with!


Challenge Use the link to learn about fish

Fish are brilliant. You can find all sorts of fish in the oceans, rivers, lakes and sometimes in your home in a tank! 

Can you label the special features of a fish and then have a go at writing a short sentence about fish underneath?


Phonics- Practise reading set 1 and set 2 sounds.

Have a go at writing 10 sounds in your red Phonics book- are there any sounds you find difficult or you have forgotten the correct formation? Let’s keep practising to become Handwriting Heroes!

Challenge: Can you write the words for my pictures below? Once you have written the words, can you use one or two of your words to make a sentence!

You only have to write one word for each picture. If I write a clue such as: a rain…. You just write drop!


Maths: Today we are continuing to explore sharing an amount equally between groups. Click the link below for today’s lesson.


Challenge: Listen to the story Rainbow Fish-  In this story rainbow fish was very kind and gave all of his lovely glittering scales to the other creatures of the sea. If rainbow fish gave you a glittering scale how would that make you feel? Can you make rainbow fish a Thank you card or write him a letter to thank him for being so kind! Don’t forget to add lots of lovely colour to your drawing and use your sounds well to write a message to Rainbow Fish!


Phonics: Practise reading our ‘special friend’ sounds. Do you know them all? Can you send me a video of you saying your sounds?

Have a go at reading my sentences today. How many words can you read by sight? Can you read the words using our ‘Fred in your head’ say the sounds in your head then say the word aloud!

Challenge: Hold a sentence challenge- remember you should be able to write this with little or no support. The only help you may need is your adult to repeat the sentence to remind you what to write.


Maths: We have been doing lots of sharing this week. Today we are going to explore sharing shapes and food.

Can you cut the food in half so that you and a friend has an equal piece? Where would you cut it so that it is fair?

Can you do the same with the shapes, cut them in half to share with a friend.

Stick the two halves into your big yellow book.


Challenge: Two more people come to join your party. You have already shared your food and shapes between two people. How can we share it between 4? Draw a line on the food to show me where would cut the food so that all 4 friends have an equal part.


Challenge: Explore fish on PurpleMash. Log in and check the 2dos tab. Don’t forget to save your work!


Phonics: Explore a set 2 sound spelling lesson on YouTube:  

Challenge: Can you write a sentence using a word you learnt to spell today?


Maths: Today we are going to explore subtraction. When we take away the number gets smaller. Click the link for your maths lesson today

Once you have watched the lesson have a go at my Subtraction challenge. Ask an adult to read the question for you. To work out your answer you may want to draw images to help for example:

Question 1- you have 10 glass bottles and you break 3 of them. Draw 10 bottles in your big yellow book. Now cross out 3 bottles and count how many are left. Can you write the number sentence?



Challenge:  Listen to the story Fidgety Fish-

Tiddler the fish is very fidgety and needs to go out and make himself tired! He has such an adventure and at the end he returns home to his Mummy fish.

Using my pictures can you help tiddler tell his mum about his adventure by writing a small sentence for each image. For example: Tiddler swam out of his cave.

Don’t forget to have a go at writing it by yourself!



Listen to the tricky word song. Can you recognise the tricky words? Listen to the song once and listen carefully. Now listen to the song a second time. This time can you write the words you see. Say the word and spell it correctly.

Good Luck!

Explore a game on Phonics Play:

User name: march20

Password: home


Maths: Some more subtraction today. This time I would like you to try and solve my problems by counting back to find the answer.


Read the question out loud. Say the whole number- (the amount you are starting with) then hold up fingers to show how many you are taking away. Now count backwards putting one finger down as you count back. Remember to stop counting when all of your fingers are down. How many will you have left?

Can you write the number sentence in your big yellow book.


Challenge: Have a go at making an under the sea fishy picture. Try using crayons to draw lots of fish and other things you might see under the sea, such as seaweed.

Now paint over the top of your drawings with blue paint mixed with a little water. See what happens to your fish!

Click the link to see how to do it