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Week beginning: 23rd March 2020

Week beginning: 23rd March 2020

As always, please encourage your child to read daily and complete their yellow reading record.



Maths: A Purple Mash activity has been set for you, log in to complete your task.

English:  A Purple Mash activity has been set for you, log in to complete your task.



Maths: Roman numerals - for an introduction.

Then complete the activity attached.

English: Speech marks - see attached sheet. The children need to be able to use speech punctuation accurately.


Maths: Telling the time - see attached sheets from 1-4 in order of difficulty. The children need to be able to tell the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock, including Roman numerals.

English: Spellings - Y3/4 words - see Eng resources for word list. Then complete the attached sheets when confident with spellings.


Maths: Roman numerals and time - see attached

English: Grammar - Complete the Y3 section to practise the grammar terms -


Maths: Practise 2,3,4,5,8,10 times tables and division facts through Purple Mash

English: Writing task - Write a postcard from the North or South Pole. You can do this through Purple Mash or write your own on paper.



Practise your spellings daily using one of the activities from our school's spelling approach:

This week's spellings are using the suffix -ful: + ful = beautiful

2. cheerful

3. colourful

4. wonderful

5. thoughtful

6. mouthful

7. peaceful

8. powerful

9. truthful

10. delightful


Continuing our topic on Plants, check out BBC Bitesize for class clips and learner guides :
The children need to be able to understand what plants need to grow and label the parts of the plant and know the function for each part.

Write a set of instructions or create a user guide for how to look after/ care for plants.


Please research an Antarctic explorer, such as Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen or Robert Falcon Scott, then create a presentation through a poster or Power Point. 


We have been learning about the stories Jesus told, called Parables: The Lost Sheep, The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son. Can you read one of these stories found in the New Testament of the Bible or watch them on the Internet and then retell one in your own words.