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Week beginning: 23rd March 2020

Week beginning: 23rd March 2020

As always, please encourage your child to read daily and complete their reading record.



Maths: A Purple Mash activity will be set  – log in to complete your task.

English: A Purple Mash activity will be set – log in to complete your task.



Maths: Complete an Arithmetic paper from the CGP packs provided.

English: Research and take notes on a famous river from around the world. We have already done the Amazon. You will be creating a report on the river you are researching for a Year 5 child, who does not know anything about a river. You may wish to use the  "2Connect" planning tool which has been set on the "2do" section of Purple Mash. An example of information can be found below:



Maths: Complete Maze100 (see documents below) 

Challenge: Select a target number and create your own maze, give to someone at home and see if they can complete it.

English: Create the title and key headings for your non-chronological report. Make a plan using your notes from yesterday. This may be a bullet point plan or be completed using a template attached below. Remember you want the purpose of each paragraph to be clear and to ensure points not to be repeated.


Maths: Complete Reasoning Paper 2 from CGP pack provided.

English: Begin to write your non-chronological report on the river you have been researching. You may wish to draft and then type this up.

Focus on: using organisational features (titles and heading), including bullet points, using a range of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation and overall ensuring the writing is effective for its purpose- remember who the report is for. Challenge yourself and using some of our topic words we have focused on when studying rivers.  


Maths: A Purple Mash activity will be set – log in to complete your task.

English: Continue writing your report and edit in a different colour; making changes to punctuation, vocabulary and grammar. You may wish to create your report on Microsoft Word or Publisher. Please email your completed reports to: I look forward to seeing your reports. 



Practise your spellings daily using one of the activities from our school's spelling approach:


This week we will be focusing on the formation of shadows.

Complete the Light quiz first as a revision of areas covered already. You may wish to use the Word Mat to help you. 

Then read through the lesson presentation. You will make a shadow puppet and follow the script provided or create your own shadow puppet show. An example can be found at: 


This week we will be focusing on the changing boundaries of countries. 

Read through the lesson presentation. Was any of this information surprising? 

Select a sheet from the activity pack to complete, you will need an atlas or a map on the computer to colour the boundaries of countries in the past and countries now.

Write a short paragraph about what you have noticed. Then, make a prediction what it may look like in the future. You may wish to research why this is happening and what country boundaries may look like in the future.

Leavers’ Book Profiles

Whilst you have been away, we have been working on our profiles for the Leavers’ book. Please can you draft your own profile and email it to Miss Forde on the address – in subject line please write your name / Leavers’ profile. 

Your profile is a short piece all about you, to go beside your picture. It is an informal piece of writing, telling us about your memories of your time here at BPS – your favourite subjects, adults you enjoyed working with, sports teams &/or activities you have enjoyed over the years.  EG. District Sports, Science workshops, fundraising days like Red Nose Day, Children in Need, Sports Relief, Easter parade / egg hunt.  Any trips you have been on - Butser Farm, Didcot Railway, Science Museum, Victorian Museum, Bird World, Swanage.  You have had visits by authors, farm animals, birds of prey and there have been many School performances such as Hansel & Gretel, Lion King, Christmas Carol and the Nativity.  Finish with 2 bullet points – what you would like to do in the future (career) and a fun fact about yourself that we might not know (I love eating ice cream!  I have two cats called….)

Before the bullet points it should be around 200 words.