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Week Beginning: 2nd June 2020

Fantastic Work This Week! 🌟

This week our story focus is: Gorgeous Gardens


New sounds being taught daily on the Read, Write Inc youtube channel. Please continue to practise these sounds daily.


Don't forget to keep active with Joe Wicks. Free PE lessons daily at 8:55am



We would now be expecting all children to be having a go at writing independently. Allow your child to use their sounds and spell words phonetically!


Practise saying, writing and using set 1 sounds daily: m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, sh, ck, r, j, v, y, w, th, z, ch, qu, x, ng, nk


Review and familiarise set 2 sounds: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (long sound- zoo) oo (short sound- book) ar, or, air, ir, ou, oy



Phonics: Can you practise writing 10 sounds in your red phonics book. Remember to start your sounds in the correct place. Check our formation sheets for help!

Can you read some of Fred’s words? (read them on screen or print if you wish)

Some of Fred’s words have two of the same sound. They become special friends and we say the sounds as one: mess- m-e-ss

bell, well, fell, huff, mess, back, thing, think, wink, blob

Ask an adult to say each word. Sound it out using your ‘Fred Fingers’ and then have a go at writing the word without any help in your red Phonics book.

Don’t forget to share your learning on ‘Evidence Me’.

I love to see videos of you saying your sounds.


Maths: This week will be exploring Maths through Oak National Academy. Click the link below to find todays lesson about our daily routines.


Week 3, Lesson: Daily Routines:


Challenge: Can you draw pictures of your daily routine into your   big yellow book.What do you do first when you wake up?


Challenge: Our focus this week is ‘Gorgeous Gardens’. Here is a lovely story about how a simple garden can become the most exciting.


After reading the story think about the fun you can have in your garden. If you haven’t got a garden what would you like your garden to look like and what adventures could you have?


Design a garden of your dreams. You can use ideas from the book such as; a pond for mermaids, a sand pit for burying treasure or a tree house for a dragon.


Make it as exciting as you can. Print the design a garden sheet or draw straight into your big yellow book.


Phonics- Practise reading set 1 and set 2 sounds. See top of the page for the list of sounds.

Today we are going to practise writing our sounds. choose 10 sounds to practise writing into your red phonics book. Ask an adult to say the sounds and see if you can write them down- remember which way round we form our sounds!

Challenge: Today we are going to play Fred Bingo.

To make your bingo board ask an adult to draw a grid with 6 squares- (add more if you wish). From a list of words can you write one word into each box, ask your adult to do the same. Now you are ready to play. You will need a list of words or a pile of words to call out. Take turns to call out the words and cover it if it is a word on your board. Who is going to win?


Maths: Today we are exploring the days of the week.

Click the link below to find todays lesson



Challenge: Treasures in the Garden is our story this week. Re-read the story together and think about what is happening and how the children feel as they explore the garden.


Below are some images from the story. Discuss what is happening and what you think the children are thinking. Can you write their thoughts in their bubble? You can write a short caption for all bubbles or choose your favourite ones.


Print the sheets or draw your own bubbles into your big yellow book.


Phonics: Practise reading our ‘special friend’ sounds. Do you know them all? Can you send me a video of your saying your sounds?

Have a go at reading my sentences today. How many words can you read by sight? Can you read the words using our ‘Fred in your head’- say the sounds in your head then say the word aloud!


Challenge: Hold a sentence challenge- remember you should be able to write this with little or no support. The only help you may need is your adult to repeat saying the sentence to remind you what to write. Click the link below for the hold a sentence challenge!


Maths: Today we are looking at seasons.

After watching the lesson, can you draw a picture of yourself on your birthday. Can you add signs of the season your birthday is in? I wonder whether I can guess what season your birthday is in by your drawings. big yellow book.


Challenge: Explore movements using the ‘Treasures in the Garden’ movement cards. Have a fun day- dress up and become your favourite character.


Challenge: After exploring different movements can you write a short sentence about your favourite action.

For example: I can jump like a frog. I can run fast like a cheetah!

Can you read my sentences?


Phonics: Listen to the tricky word song

after you have listened to the song once. Play it again but this time can you write the words down that you see.

Once the song has finished can you remember the words you have written. Read them to your adult.

Challenge: Can you write a tricky word in a sentence?

Review the sounds we have recently learnt; ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou, oi. Can you say the sounds as they are shown on the video?


Maths: Todays lesson is about measuring short periods of time.


Have a go at my ‘what can you do in one minute’ challenge cards. Can your adult film you completing a challenge?