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Week Beginning: 27th April 2020

Fantastic Learning at Home This Week!

Week beginning: 27th April 2020


The children have a Maths and English task set daily and one Topic, Science and Spellings task which can be completed at any point over the week. Please scroll down to find the weekly activities at the bottom of this page.


Encourage your child to read daily and complete their reading record.

If you would like to access stage books online, please go to: and use the login details that have been emailed to you. 

They could listen to ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ using the link below:

Can you spot any adjectives or adverbs in the story?

Can you write down a list of the rhyming words found in the book?

What animal was your favourite? Why?



Today you are going to be adding and subtracting different lengths.

Please click on the link

You will need to click on the tab Summer Term Week 2 (w/c 27th April) and watch Lesson 3- Four operations with length. Alongside this please complete the activity sheet below


Today you are going to listen to the rest of The Sky Garden using the link below.

Was the story different to how you imaged it would be? Did you like what Funni did to the Sky Garden? Please complete task 6: Review it! Please try and answer the questions in full sentences. Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops. Below you can find a list of the Read, Write Inc. sounds that may help you when you are writing.


Maths: Today and for the rest of the week you are going to be problem solving. Please click on the link  and watch Lesson 4 – Problem Solving. Alongside this please complete the activity sheet below.

English: For the rest of this week, you will be completing activities based on the book Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke, illustrated by Lauren Tobia. Today you need to complete task 1: Explore it. Please try and answer the questions in full sentences.


Maths: Can you work out which number is represented by each shape?

I have created my own number puzzle for you. Can you work out the answers?

If you want to you could have a go at making up your own number puzzle for members of your family.

English: Today you are completing task 2: Illustrate it! You can be as creative as you like.


Maths: Ladybirds in the Garden Challenge- Can you make 14 and 16 by adding the spots of ladybirds together? Please find a copy of your Maths Challenge below.

English: Today you are completing session 3: Talk about it.


Maths: Can you find the difference between the two numbers? Remember you can find the difference by taking away the smaller number from the larger number. You can use objects or jottings to help you find the answer. When taking away you may need to exchange 1 of the tens for 10 ones, just like we have practised in class. There are 2 sheets below. Finding the Difference 1 is slightly easier than sheet number 2. Please choose the sheet that best suits your child’s ability.

English: Today you are completing session 4: Imagine it.

Weekly Tasks:



Practise your spellings daily using one of the activities from our school's spelling approach:


We are now starting a new Science topic on ‘Plants’.


This week we are going to think about seeds and bulbs. Please click on the link and watch the video about seeds and bulbs


What is the difference between a seed and bulb? Can you name any name any plants that grow from a seed or bulb?


If you would like to, you could plant some seeds/ beans /bulbs in the garden or a plastic cup. Have a think about what it will need to grow and look after it over the next few weeks. You can keep a diary of your plant as it starts to grow, take pictures, measure it or write about it. Below is an template of a plant diary that you could use.


We are now starting a new topic called ‘Kings, Queens and Castles.


Every King or Queen needs a crown. Can you design your own crown?

Can you write a description about your crown? What will it be made of? What precious stones are going to be on your crown? When do you wear your crown? How do you feel when you’re wearing your crown?

PSHE & wellbeing: 

This is an optional task which should put a smile on your face! smiley

Every single one of you is special and amazing in your own way. To help you stay positive you could make your own positivity jar. 

Competition Time!

This is an optional task which will allow you to be creative!

John Lewis and Waitrose are asking children of all ages to help them create a 'Super-Bear' cuddly toy, to honour frontline workers and raise critical funds for the NHS.


You can find more information about the competition here:


Good luck!