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Week Beginning: 27th April 2020

Week beginning: 27th April 2020

Encourage your child to read daily and complete their reading record. 

*See the reading journal attachment under the  English resources tab on the Y3 class page.


Check out the BBC Bitesize lesson based on a couple of funny poems by the Ahlbergs:


If you would like to access the reading scheme books, here is the website:

See attached slide if you have problems accessing it:

The children have a Maths and English task set daily and one Topic, Science and Spellings task which can be completed at any point over the week. Please scroll down to find the weekly activities at the bottom of this page.



Maths: Introduction to 3D shapes – see attached fluency task

How about a 3D shape hunt around your house now?!

English: This week you will be completing activities based on the extract from the book ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E.B. White.

Please find the task below each day which lists each task for the week.  Remember, this is your interpretation and there is not one right or wrong answer.  If you are unsure of something, talk with an adult and see if they can help.

Today you need to complete Task 1: Explore it.  


Maths: Naming 2D and 3D shapes:

Then complete sheet naming 3D shapes

English: Task 2: Illustrate it.


Maths: See Purple Mash activity – 3D shape Pairs Game – log in to complete your task.

Additional game - 3D shape sorting:

English: Task 3: Talk about it.


Maths: Constructing 3D shapes – see attached fluency task

English: Task 4: Imagine it.


Maths: 3D shapes – see attached reasoning and problem solving tasks

English: Task 5: Create it.

Weekly Tasks:



Practise your spellings daily using one of the activities from our school's spelling approach:

See attached sheet – focus – words with the unusual ‘o’ sound


Learning about ‘The Water Cycle’ – see Power Point.

Now, draw your own and label it or use collage materials or even a 3D model!

Optional task – Create a mini water world.


“The Rainforest.”  - Where in the world?

Check out the Power point.

Plot where the rainforests are on a world map. (map sheet to use is optional)

Watch the short video clip in the Power Point and create a fact sheet of the country of Ecuador.

PSHE & wellbeing:

Using the link below, go onto BBC Bitesize to see the videos and activities on ‘The importance of teamwork’.

Competition Time!

This is an optional task which will allow you to be creative!

John Lewis and Waitrose are asking children of all ages to help them create a 'Super-Bear' cuddly toy, to honour frontline workers and raise critical funds for the NHS.


You can find more information about the competition here:


Good luck!