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Week Beginning: 27th April 2020

Week beginning: 27th April 2020

Encourage your child to read daily and complete a comment in their yellow reading record.  You could also listen to extracts/stories. Here are some possible links below:


If you would like to access the Oxford reading scheme books, here is the website link:

[See slide attached below if you have any problems accessing it.]


Please also continue to practice times tables each day, using ‘Monster Multiplication’ on Purple Mash as a revision tool or use: which is a timed times table checker to help improve times tables skills.

Alternatively, you can practise your times tables using the resources below.  These are paper copies and so therefore they are not under timed conditions. 





Follow the link above and join in the new national competition to help raise money for the NHS.

Please follow the instructions and send off your design but remember to send a copy into school on: and we can share each other's fabulous designs here too!

Happy designing Year 5 panthers!


The children have a Maths and English task set daily and one Topic, Science and Spellings task which can be completed at any point over the week. Please scroll down to find the weekly activities at the bottom of this page.

Logging onto Oxford Owl Website



Using Bitesize and the link: watch the clips and complete the activities on multiples and factors.  One is a worksheet and the other is a game to reinforce the concepts learnt today.



Using the following link: you will be learning how to understand and use expanded noun phrases on Bitesize.  This lesson includes:

  • one video to help you understand what expanded noun phrases are
  • one video to show you how writers use expanded noun phrases
  • three follow up activities.



Use The White Rose Home Learning pack from the following link:

Click on Summer Term, Week 1 (w/c 20 April) Lesson 4: Adding decimals crossing the whole.

Play the clip and follow the instructions.  The clip will ask you to pause at certain points, so it is worth having the two pages open at once so you can click between the two.  The answers are available to check your child’s work.  If you do not have a printer, don’t worry.  Just write down the answers on a separate piece of paper. 



This week you will continue completing some activities based on the extract from the book ‘Rooftoppers’ by Katherine Rundell which you looked at last weeks.


Start by re-reading the extract ‘Fooftoppers’ aloud.  Your task is to write a prequel to the story. 

What happened before the story started?  How did the baby get in the Cello case?  What was the baby’s life like before it was stranded in the English Channel?  What was Charles Maxim’s life like?  How did he manage to get into contact with the baby?

Remember to include: paragraphing expanded noun phrases, correct punctuation and neat presentation. Don’t forget to make it as interesting as possible.



Two Purple Mash activities have been set for you.  Log in to complete your tasks:

Comparing Decimals

Decimal fractions. (To see the entire question, you need to click on the small green dot and scroll down.)



Re-read the extract of ‘Rooftoppers’.  Write the next part of the story. 

Think about what has already happened.  Where did the story end?  What might have happened next?  Include description and detail to engage your audience. 




Using the following link from Bitesize:

Watch the clips and compete the activities.  This is revision to remind you of addition and subtraction operations.



Today, I want you to imagine that the story has moved on and ten years has passed.  What might happen next?  What has happened to the two main characters?  Are they living together?  Did they move apart?  What has happened in their past?  Remember to make it interesting and include detailed description of any settings/events and characters.




Use The White Rose Home Learning link: and complete the Friday Maths Challenges.  I have attached them as a separate document below if you want to simply view online/print them off.



As part of your Topic work this week, I have set a 2Do, on Purple Mash, to read the story of ‘Mathos’ so please ensure that you have read it and then compete the 2Do activity: ‘Chapter 1: Online Multiple Choice’.  Then from the following link on Purple Mash: complete the following printable activities, which are in pdf format:

‘Chapter 1: Sequencing’; ‘Chapter 1: SpaG’ and the last activity is: ‘Chapter 1: Open Ended Questions’. 

Try to challenge yourself and complete as many of the 2Do activities as possible.  If you don’t have a printer then you can complete the work on a piece of paper.

Weekly Tasks:



Practise your spellings daily using one of the activities from our school's spelling approach:

Spellings: Adverbials of Time 27th April 2020



As part of our Science topic: ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’, please can you complete the ‘Solids, Liquids, Gases’ Purple Mash Activity on your 2Do List . 

Then complete the attached sheet below on ‘Objects and their Properties’.  I appreciate some of you might not have magnets at home, so a prediction or researching it on the internet is fine.  If you do not have access to any of the items, just do the ones you can test.


As part of our new topic ‘Ancient Greece’, for last week and this week, I asked you please look at the following PowerPoint.  (On slide 6 you need to click on the map to see an animation of how the empire changed over time.)

Who were the Ancient Greeks PowerPoint

Then complete the following activity sheet.  Remember: If you do not have a printer, you can draw out a similar table and fill it in by hand.

Activity One: Modern day vs Ancient Greece.

Can you find out any other factors which have changed or which interest you to add to the table of information?

Then order the events from Ancient Greece and put them on a timeline using the sheet below:

Activity Two: Order Ancient Greece on a timeline

If you have already completed this, you can research more events which occurred during the Ancient Greek times.

Then please read ‘Mathos’ and click on the icon which says ‘Book View’ which I have set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.  I will then ask you to complete some activities related to this story in your English this week.

PSHE Activity:

Please find the link for a well-being activity below where you can learn about the importance and benefits of teamwork.

This lesson includes:

  • A video to get your child active while thinking about teamwork
  • Two video clips showing how children worked together effectively as a team
  • A practice activity on a worksheet.  Remember: You do not have to print out the worksheets, you could copy down your own version.

PSHE Resource

Extra Activities:

Have a go at writing a book review for your favourite book.  Or write one for the book you have just finished?  Or for a book you have read recently which you have really enjoyed.  Or (with your parents permission) write a review for a film.  Try using (and possibly adapting) one of the templates below.

Below are some examples of book review templates which you can choose from: