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Week Beginning: 29th June 2020

This week our topic focus is: Beneath the Blue

We are exploring under the sea, looking at what we might find and the creatures we would meet.

Our story focuses will be:

Commotion in the Ocean -


Sharing a Shell -


  New sounds are being taught daily on the Read, Write Inc. YouTube channel. Please continue to practise these sounds daily:

We would now be expecting all children to try writing independently. Allow your child to use their sounds and spell words phonetically!


Practise saying, writing and using set 1 sounds daily: m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, sh, ck, r, j, v, y, w, th, z, ch, qu, x, ng, nk


Review and familiarise set 2 sounds: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (long sound- zoo) oo (short sound- book) ar, or, air, ir, ou, oy


Don't forget to keep active with Joe Wicks. Free PE lessons daily at 8:55am:


Phonics: Can you practise writing 10 sounds in your red Phonics book. Remember to start your sounds in the correct place. Check our formation sheets for help!

Can you read all of Fred’s words? (Read them on screen or print if you wish)

Fred’s words are getting longer now, be careful to say all of the sounds and then read the word.

Choose 5 of Fred’s Words to write. Ask your adult to say the word. Say the sounds out loud and then write it down. Did you spell it correctly?

Don’t forget to share your learning on ‘Evidence Me’.

I love to see videos of you saying your sounds.

Maths: Today we are going to explore money. What coins can you recognise? Can you find out what coins we have? Do we have a coin to match all numbers?

Go on a hunt around your house and see what coins you can collect.

Do you notice the colour, shape, size and image printed on the coins!


Can you find the coins that we have that match the numbers on the chart and draw them onto the chart? You don't need to print- you can just make your own number line to 10 and place the coins next to the matching number!

You can draw around the coin or place it under your paper in the correct place and rub a crayon over the top and watch the coin appear.

For example, under 1- place a 1p coin. Under 2 place a 2p coin.

What coins do you have left? Draw or make a rubbing of these under the chart.


Challenge Listen to the story Commotion in the Ocean

There are so many creatures that live in the sea. Can you guess my animal? Click the link below for ‘What am I’ game.

Can you make your own quiz? Choose a sea creature and think of 3 interesting facts about it. Can I guess your creature? write into your little yellow book!


Phonics- Practise reading set 1 and set 2 sounds.

Have a go at writing 10 sounds in your red Phonics book- are there any sounds you find difficult or you have forgotten the correct formation? Let’s keep practising to become Handwriting Heroes!

Challenge: Can you write the words for my pictures below? Once you have written the words, can you use one or two of your words to make a sentence!

You only have to write one word for each picture. If I write a clue such as: a rain…. You just write drop!


Maths: Today we are going to look at using money to pay for items. Can you remember what coins we have? Which coins do we not have? Do we have a 3p coin?

We need to learn to add with money. To do this we need to recognise how much a coin is worth.

Have a look at my challenge below. Can you work out how much the ice creams cost and write the amount in the box. Remember to write p to show pence.

There are three challenges- you can choose to do one page or all!

For no printing- just draw the coins into your big yellow book!


Challenge:  Let’s explore water! If you went under the sea you would find the most interesting of things. If you find them at the bottom of the sea- that’s because they have sunk.

Some things float and some things sink! Let’s find out more!


You will need a tub of water for this experiment.

Here is a challenge for you- place an orange/satsuma in the water, does it float or sink? Now peel it… what happens now?!


Phonics: Practise reading our ‘special friend’ sounds. Do you know them all? Can you send me a video of you saying your sounds?

Have a go at reading my sentences today. How many words can you read by sight? Can you read the words using our ‘Fred in your head’ say the sounds in your head then say the word aloud!

Challenge: Hold a sentence challenge- remember you should be able to write this with little or no support. The only help you may need is your adult to repeat the sentence to remind you what to write.


Maths: I would like to buy some items from a shop. Can you help me find the right coins to use for my items?

You can use 1p to make the amount or for a challenge can you use 1p, 2p, 5p’s to make the amounts, adding the coins together!

No printing- Just write the price tags into your big yellow book and draw the correct coins to make the amount!


Challenge: If you are a star with money- have a go at making amounts to buy a toy from my shop!


Challenge: Listen to the story ‘sharing a shell’

The animals wanted to share a shell but there wasn’t much room for them all. Can you create a home for a sea creature? What can you use to make a house? Lego, recyclables, playdough!


Phonics: Explore a set 2 sound spelling lesson on YouTube:  

Challenge: Can you write a sentence using a word you learnt to spell today?

Maths: Let’s explore number bonds to 5. A jelly fish has 5 arms. Can you explore making 5 by adding two numbers together!

Using 5 objects can you see how many ways you can make 5 by separating 5 in different ways.

Can you write the number sentences to match?


Challenge:  If you had a shell what might it look like. Can you design a shell and use words to describe it? Can you use different materials to decorate your shell and describe the texture of the material?

You could use, sponge, stones, leaves, twigs. Your shell can be as crazy as you like!

Don’t forget to have a go at writing it by yourself!



Listen to the tricky word song. Can you recognise the tricky words? Listen to the song once and listen carefully. Now listen to the song a second time. This time can you write the words you see. Say the word and spell it correctly.

Good Luck!

Explore a game on Phonics Play:

User name: march20

Password: home


Maths: An octopus has 8 legs- how many ways can you make 8?

Using 8 objects can you find different ways of making 8 and write the number sentence!


Challenge: Let’s get creative! Can you make an under the sea creature- you can use a plate for your art, or have a go at making it a different way!

Don’t forget to send in photos!