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Week Beginning: 29th June 2020


Maths:  Complete the activity attached based on number and place value.

English: Look at the image attached. What can you see? Where is it? Who was involved? When did it happen? Why/ How did it happen?

Plan and write a short story about this image. You may wish to use the story starter provided and write what happens next.


Maths:  Complete the activity attached based on multiplication facts.

English: Complete the three short Reading revision sheets attached.



Maths:  Complete the activity attached based on factors, prime, square and cube numbers.

English: Today you will plan a letter to your new school. The purpose of this letter is to tell the school all they need to know about you and how you are feeling about starting Year 7. Use one of the templates provided to plan your writing for the task, the headings will help you or you may wish to create your own plan.


Maths:  Complete the activity attached based on fractions.

English: Following on from the task yesterday, write the letter to your secondary school. Remember to use a wide range of vocabulary, punctuation and grammar.


Maths:  Complete the activity attached based on fractions.

English: Complete at least two reading activities from the sheet below using a book you are currently reading or have just finished reading.

Maths Mystery Option:

If you are finding any of the Maths difficult, please complete the mystery attached across the week instead of the Maths for each day.

Optional Y6 Additional tasks:



Read the information on the PowerPoint about Alexander Fleming and how penicillin was discovered.

Complete one of the options from the activity sheets attached.


Continue to work on your Topic presentation from last week based on the Ancient Greeks. Remember this can be on this period of history as a whole or on a particular aspect such as the Greek Gods, the Trojan War or the Olympics.

Your presentation can be presented however you wish, it may be a 3D model, a PowerPoint presentation or a poster.


Wellbeing: How many positives can you think about yourself? There will be more than you can identify. Complete the activity attached and talk through your thoughts with someone at home.

Transition to Secondary School: How are you feeling about Secondary School? What are you looking forward to?

Have a look at your new school website and discover more about life at the school and what it will be like. Find out about the subjects they offer, clubs or societies which you may want to join next year and read their previous news letters to find out about interesting events which have taken place this year.

Watch the videos on this link to find out useful advice from some celebrities:

You may also wish to complete the activity sheets attached.


This week we will look at Ramadan. Watch the video, then complete the activity sheet below:

Theme Park Activity: