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Week Beginning: 2nd June 2020

Week beginning: 1st June 2020


5P-I hope you have had a lovely half term and Bank Holiday Monday and are rested and are ready to start our last half term as Year 5.

Continue to encourage your child to read daily and to complete a comment in their yellow reading record.  You could also listen to extracts/stories. Use the links below:

Please continue to practice times tables each day, using ‘Monster Multiplication’ on Purple Mash as a revision tool or use: which is a timed times table checker to help improve times tables skills.

Alternatively, you can practise your times tables using the paper copies of the Times Table Wheels which are added to the Maths Resources section of the Year 5. 





Purple Mash activities have been set for you.  Log in to complete your tasks:


  1. Perimeter and Area
  2. Area of Shape




For English, we will be looking at a text called ‘Floodlands’ written by Marcus Sedgwick.  It may be a book you have read before but we will be looking at an extract from it and basing our work on it for the next two weeks.


Complete Task One: Explore It.




Go through the PowerPoint and then complete the Area worksheets.



Complete Task two: Illustrate It.




Go through the PowerPoint: Compound Area and then complete the activity ‘Compound Area’ sheets.



Complete Task Three: Talk About it



Complete the worksheet on Measuring Volume. 

Colour in the cubes as you count them to help you keep track.



Complete Task Four: Imagine It


Practise your spellings daily using a combination of the activities from our whole school spelling approach. You may choose to complete a spelling test on the Friday as we do in school. 


There are Set One Words OR Set Two Words to revise this week, depending on the group your child is in, as mentioned in the previous sequence of lessons.


Please also complete the relevant word search to consolidate the spellings for this week.



As part of our Science topic: ‘Properties and Changes of Materials', please start by watching the PowerPoint on ‘Lesson Presentation Separating Mixtures’. 

Then complete the activity sheet using diagrams and explanations of how you would separate the mixtures.



As part of our topic on ‘Ancient Greeks’, watch the PowerPoint on ‘Greek Gods’ and choose a couple of the activity sheets to complete.  Or you could create your own PowerPoint or poster about Greek Gods and Goddesses.



Follow the Bitesize link: to find out about musical terms.

Can you create a poster with all the musical terms and definitions, as suggested in the first edition of Byfleet Buzz?



Watch the Bitesize link: about ‘Working as a team’. 

Then follow the second clip:


Write a list of strategies to help someone to be a ‘team player’. 

Think about what you do to be an effective member of a team.



Remember that you can register for FREE to learn a new language on Duo Lingo. 

It has a range of simple activities and you can hear, read and see and say new words at your own speed. 

Follow: and let me know how you get on and which language you have chosen.  The idea is that you use the website/App on a daily basis to build up your language skills.

Optional Activities:


These are extra activities for you to have a go at if you wish:


Maths: A variety of tasks to revise mathematical concepts. 


English: Ancient Greek Reading Comprehension