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Week Beginning: 4th May 2020

Week beginning: 4th May 2020

The children have a Maths and English task set daily and one Topic, Science and Spellings task which can be completed at any point over the week. Please scroll down to find the weekly activities at the bottom of this page.

Some of Your Brilliant Work This Week!


Encourage your child to read daily and complete their reading record. They could listen to ‘The Lucky Seed’ using the link below:


If you would like to access stage books online, please go to: and use the login details that have been emailed to you. 


Maths: This week you are going to be working on activities based on place value. As we have learnt in class, two digit numbers are made up of tens and ones. Please watch this video to remind yourself how two digit numbers can be represented by tens and ones.

Can you represent a range of two digit numbers using tens and ones? Please complete the sheet below. If you would like a challenge, you could use tens and ones to add two numbers together, just like the example from the video.

English:This week you are continuing to complete activities based on the book ‘Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke, illustrated by Lauren Tobia.’ Today you are completing task 5: Create it! I can’t wait to see your picture of your fantastic family.


Maths: A Purple Mash activity has been set – log in to complete your task. Additionally, you could play this place value game using this link:

English: Today you are completing task 6: Write about it! You are going to write a letter to a family member reminding them of all the wonderful times you’ve had together. You can write your letter in your exercise book or on the template provided below.


Maths: You can represent two digit numbers in lots of different ways. They can be represented by tens and ones, money, part-whole models and many other ways. Choose a 2-digit number and make it/draw it in as many different ways as possible. Please see the example below to help you. Have fun and be creative!

English: Today you are completing task 7- Talk about it!


Maths: Two digit numbers can also be partitioned in different ways. You need to keep the same amount of tens and ones but they can be split up into different amounts. Watch this video which will show you how to partition two digit numbers in different ways:

Once you have watched the video have a go at completing the sheet below. You may want to use objects to help you. You could create your own tens and ones out of paper if you can’t find any other objects.

English: Today you are completing task 8- Create it!

Friday (Bank Holiday - optional learning):

Maths: Today you are going to play this place value game using the link:

Either chose numbers up to 29, 59 or 99.

English: Today you are completing task 9- Write it!

Weekly Tasks:


Practise your spellings daily using one of the activities from our school's spelling approach. A spelling test will be set on Friday through Purple Mash.


We are now continuing with our Science topic on ‘Plants’.

This week we are going to be looking at the life cycle of plants. Please have a look at the PowerPoint and links provided to help you understand a plants life cycle.

You can then have a go at one of the activities below.


We are continuing with our topic ‘Kings, Queens and Castles.’ You have made your own rules and you designed your own crown. You now need somewhere to live!

Use the PowerPoint below to find out about the different parts of a castle and their purposes. You could then draw or make your own castle. You could use Lego or junk.

Have fun!

VE day:

On Friday we celebrate 75 years since the ending of the Second World War. Here are a few ideas of activities you could do for this special day!

We would love to see photos sharing how you have celebrated!


PSHE & wellbeing:

Do you remember Harold the Giraffe?

He is also not at school at the moment and he is writing a diary every day for you to read. In his diary he talks about the importance of being active, being creative, being mindful, connecting with and thinking about others. You can read his diary using this link: