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Week Beginning: 4th May 2020

Week beginning: 4th May 2020


The children have a Maths and English task set daily and one Topic, Science and Spellings task which can be completed at any point over the week. Please scroll down to find the weekly activities at the bottom of this page.


Encourage your child to read daily and to complete a comment in their yellow reading record.  You could also listen to extracts/stories. Here are some useful links below:


Please also continue to practice times tables each day, using ‘Monster Multiplication’ on Purple Mash as a revision tool or use: which is a timed times table checker to help improve times tables skills.

Alternatively, you can practise your times tables using the 'Times Tables Wheels' resources in the separate Maths Resources Folder.  These are paper copies and so therefore they are not under timed conditions. 



This week, in preparation for Thursday’s English lesson, please choose a book from your current reading stage from the following link to Oxford reading Owl: or a book of your own choice, in order to complete a book review on the Thursday.

[Use the Year 5 log-in details which were sent to you by email.]



Historian and broadcaster Dan Snow will host history lessons for children from Monday 4 May. At 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Dan will host a History Hit live on YouTube’s Timeline channel that will focus on a different aspect of the Second World War and aim to teach the public about the importance of VE Day.  So please watch, learn and enjoy.




Follow the Bitesize link:

Then watch the three accompanying videos and complete one interactive activity and one worksheet on Prime and Square Numbers.



Read the text about VE Day on pages 1-2 and then complete the comprehension task.  Remember to underline any words which you are unsure of and look them up first and when answering the questions, refer back to the text.

(The answers have been provided too.)



Three Purple Mash activities have been set for you to revise from yesterday’s session.  Log in to complete your tasks:

  1. Common multiples, factors and primes
  2. Prime Numbers
  3. Prim Numbers.


To help there is a prime Number Grid below.



Use the following Bitesize link: and follow the instructions.  This clip uses the novel ‘To Be a Cat’ and you will learn about selecting key pieces of information from a text and evaluating the text while giving a personal opinion.  This lesson includes: two videos of Rugby player Maro Itoje reading extracts from the book and three follow up activities.  You can choose two of the three to complete or try all three if you wish.




Follow the link on White Rose maths: and go to Summer term Week 2, Lesson 1: ‘Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places’ and complete the lesson.



Look the PowerPoint below and then complete the VE Day Thoughts worksheet.  Use the information we have learnt so far to help you.  You can also research your ideas on the Internet.




Follow the link on White Rose Maths: and go to Summer Term Week 2, Lesson 2: ‘Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places’ and complete the lesson.



Write a book review for a book of your choice either from the Oxford Reading Owl or your own chosen text.  Use one of the book review templates below:

Friday (Bank Holiday - optional learning):


Complete the Ration Book Shopping list Activity attached below.  Can you work out what the total price would be in ‘old money’? 

Then complete the Morse Code cracking sheet for beginners.  Can you find the code out?   Can you make up your own secret messages to send to someone? 



As it is VE Day today, imagine you are a soldier who has been away fighting in the war and you have been told that you are finally coming home to your family. Write a letter to a close family member-this could be your Mother, Father, sibling or Grandparent.

I have included a template below if you wish to use it.


You might want to include the following aspects in your letter: 

- How you feel about seeing your family, which you may not have seen for 4-5 years.

- How are you going to travel back home

- Include a particular story of bravery you witnessed whilst fighting

- Mention that you are bringing back a fellow soldier who has no family, to stay with you

- Talk about all the things which you have missed and cannot wait to see again

- What you would like to eat for your first meal back.

Weekly tasks:


Practise your spellings daily using a combination of the activities from our whole school spelling approach. You may choose to complete a spelling test on Friday. 

The focus this week is: Adverbials of places.


As part of our Science topic: ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’, please follow the link on Bitesize:  and complete the two activities to help reinforce learning.

Then watch:

Complete the activity sheet below:


Topic/PSHE Activity:

As it is VE Day later this week, please make a poster to display in your windows at home.  You might want to make some bunting or a poster. There might be a suggestion from VE/VF Website:

With members of the public unable to attend VE Day 75 events as previously planned, The Royal British Legion is playing a central role in the delivery of a range of remote activity, including:

  • A live VE Day 75 livestream at 11.15am
  • National moments of Remembrance and thanksgiving, including a Two Minute Silence (details below)
  • A UK-wide singalong to Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again at 9pm
  • An evening of memories and music in partnership with the BBC from 8pm on BBC One

Two Minute Silence:

At 11am, people are encouraged across all generations and communities to take part in a national moment of Remembrance and pause for a Two Minute Silence to honour the service and sacrifice of the Second World War generation and reflect on the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on so many lives across the world.  There is no right or wrong way to take part in the Silence, some may wish to stand at their windows, step outside their homes while remaining distanced from others, watch the broadcast on television, or simply sit in a quiet moment of reflection.

Below are other suggestions/resources for things to make to mark the 75th celebrations:

  • Recipes
  • Spitfire glider
  • Design a VE medal
  • VE themed colouring
  • Purple Mash VE linked activities have been highlighted and added

You might even wish to have a VE Party at home (following government social distancing guidelines of course) using the following website for ideas:

Take any photos and share with us on

I’d love to see how you celebrate this important anniversary and then share with our school community.

Extra/Optional Tasks:

The tasks below are optional and not mandatory.