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Week Beginning: 8th June 2020


Maths:  Complete the revision tasks attached. You do not need to complete all the tasks but spend 45 minutes on task as a whole.


English: Please complete attached task. You will create an information leaflet about Paris. Use today’s English time to plan and research the information which you are going to include.

These websites may help:


Maths:  Revision: Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.

Read through the information and watch the videos:

There is also an interactive activity to complete before the documents attached. For activity 2, please complete just 1 of the pages,. There are 3 options.: * is the easiest with *** being the most challenging.


English: Create your leaflet following the Create It task from yesterday. Remember to include a range of both images and information. Make use of organisational features such as headings and bullet points. This can be created electronically or on paper.


Maths:  Problem solving and reasoning activity: Nrich: Greater than or less than? Use the link or complete using the document attached.

Challenge -How many different statements can you make with the digits 1-9 in the tenths and hundredths place value position? How can you prove this is the total amount? Prove it.



Activity 1: Continue to work on and finish your leaflet from yesterday’s lesson- remember it should be detailed, interesting to look at and presented well. It should be at least 2 pages.


Activity 2:

Look at the image in the document attached and complete the questions giving as much detail as you can.


Maths:  Convert a decimal into a fraction and simplify.

Watch the two videos:

Complete the 2 activities attached.


English: Look at the image on the document attached, it is the same as the image you focused on yesterday. Plan and write an interesting story on this image. Think about the questions you answered, they will help you plan. Attached below is the story starter, you may wish to plan a continuation of this story or create your own. Your writing should be at least 1 full A4 page when finished.


Maths:  Convert fractions into percentages.

Watch the two videos and read through the information:

Complete the interactive activity:

Then complete the Activity 2 attached- a calculator can be used for this activity.


English: Complete at least two reading activities from the sheet below using a book you are currently reading or have just finished reading.

Maths Mystery Option:

If you are finding any of the Maths difficult, please complete this Mystery attached across the week instead of the Maths for each day.


Optional Y6 Maths Mystery:



Read through the lesson presentation on the life and scientific discoveries of Stephen Hawking.

Complete the Black hole inquiry, using the instructions below.

Then, draw a diagram and explain how black holes are formed, you can do this on a piece of paper or using the template attached below. Make sure you use the key words included.

Optional extension activity: Create a poster or fact file about the life and work of Stephen Hawking. 



Read the story of the Trojan War.

Then, write a diary entry as either a Greek or a Trojan during the War. How did you feel? What were you thinking?

Remember to plan your diary entry first. You finished diary entry should be at least one page.

Extension challenge: You may wish to write two parallel diary entries from the night of the attack; one as a Trojan and one as a Greek.


Continue to work through your Y6 Smart Moves booklet. These activities are designed to help build your resilience and awareness of your own well-being.

Transition to Secondary School:

Watch the two videos:

You can think about some of the tips they learnt from watching the video clips.

Make a checklist of things you think you would need for a school day. Consider and plan the items they might need to get ahead of starting at a new school. This could include stationery, a planner, a calculator etc.

Then think about and write down the tips you have learnt about how to find your way around a new school.


The Five Pillars of Islam- Read through the PowerPoint and note down information about the Five Pillars- what are they and what does each one mean? You may present this on a poster, by writing it down or by using the template provided.