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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Welcome back to the Spring Term. We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.


Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you for all our lovely cards and gifts.


Over the next term we are going to be looking at ‘Our Local Area.’ As part of this topic children will be looking at maps of Byfleet, talking and mapping out their route to school and thinking about how Byfleet is different to other parts of England. If you have any pictures of the local area or you visiting any local buildings (library, church, park etc.) it would be lovely to share these with the class.


We will be visiting Brooklands at the end of this half term. You will receive a letter shortly with all of the information.


Our Science topic this half term is 'Animals including Humans' and we will be continuing to look at the weather related to the different seasons.


Homework will be set on Fridays to be completed by the following Friday. The children will have weekly spellings to learn in line with the new curriculum and Maths homework will be set online on Mathletics. Children’s log in details can be found in the back of their reading records. Children need to read at home on a regular basis and this needs to be recorded in their reading records and sent back to school on a daily basis.


As the weather is getting colder, please ensure that your child has tracksuit bottoms and a jumper in their P.E kit. Could you please check that all items are named, including hats, scarves and gloves.


Show and tell will be on a Friday. This will be under a rotation and your child will be informed on the week they can bring in show and tell. The groups will also be displayed in the classroom window. If your child has any topic related items or work to share with the class this can be shared any day of the week.


At home times, children cannot be released from our care unless we have seen the adult collecting the child from school. To ensure the safety of the children please inform us if your child is being collected by a different adult to usual.


I look forward to working with you and your children this year and I am happy to meet with you if there are any particular issues you would like to discuss. Alternatively, please do write any queries in the reading record books and I will respond as soon as possible.


Thank you for your continued support at home.


Kind regards,


Miss Payne.

Brooklands Museum

Brooklands Museum  1
Brooklands Museum  2
Brooklands Museum  3
Brooklands Museum  4
Brooklands Museum  5
Brooklands Museum  6
Brooklands Museum  7
Brooklands Museum  8
Brooklands Museum  9
Brooklands Museum  10
Brooklands Museum  11
Brooklands Museum  12
Brooklands Museum  13
Brooklands Museum  14
Brooklands Museum  15
Brooklands Museum  16
Brooklands Museum  17
Brooklands Museum  18
Brooklands Museum  19
Brooklands Museum  20
Brooklands Museum  21
Brooklands Museum  22
Brooklands Museum  23
Brooklands Museum  24
Brooklands Museum  25
Brooklands Museum  26
Brooklands Museum  27
Brooklands Museum  28
Brooklands Museum  29
Brooklands Museum  30
Brooklands Museum  31
Brooklands Museum  32
Brooklands Museum  33
Brooklands Museum  34
Brooklands Museum  35
Brooklands Museum  36
Brooklands Museum  37
Brooklands Museum  38
Brooklands Museum  39
Brooklands Museum  40
Brooklands Museum  41
Brooklands Museum  42
Brooklands Museum  43
Brooklands Museum  44
Brooklands Museum  45
Brooklands Museum  46
Brooklands Museum  47
Brooklands Museum  48
Brooklands Museum  49
Brooklands Museum  50
Brooklands Museum  51
Brooklands Museum  52
Brooklands Museum  53
Brooklands Museum  54
Brooklands Museum  55
Brooklands Museum  56
Brooklands Museum  57
Brooklands Museum  58
Brooklands Museum  59
Brooklands Museum  60
Brooklands Museum  61
Brooklands Museum  62
Brooklands Museum  63
Brooklands Museum  64
Brooklands Museum  65
Brooklands Museum  66
Brooklands Museum  67
Brooklands Museum  68
Brooklands Museum  69
Brooklands Museum  70
Brooklands Museum  71
Brooklands Museum  72
Brooklands Museum  73
Brooklands Museum  74
Brooklands Museum  75
Brooklands Museum  76
Brooklands Museum  77
Brooklands Museum  78
Brooklands Museum  79
Brooklands Museum  80
Brooklands Museum  81
Brooklands Museum  82
Brooklands Museum  83
Brooklands Museum  84
Brooklands Museum  85
Brooklands Museum  86
Brooklands Museum  87
Brooklands Museum  88
Brooklands Museum  89
Brooklands Museum  90
Brooklands Museum  91
Brooklands Museum  92
Brooklands Museum  93
Brooklands Museum  94
Brooklands Museum  95
Brooklands Museum  96
Brooklands Museum  97
Brooklands Museum  98
Brooklands Museum  99
Brooklands Museum  100

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