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Year 3

Year 3 have had a super Spring Term working extremely hard.  Our next topic after Easter is Romans and Celts.
Thank you to all parents who have supported homework and home reading every week.  There will be no more homework until after the Easter break.
Have a happy Easter!

Picture 1 Up to the top!
Picture 2 Up you go...
Picture 3 Concentrating
Picture 4 Team Work
Picture 5 Ready set go!
Picture 6 Preparing to go up!
Picture 7 More snow sculptures
Picture 8 Making a snow man
Picture 9 Snow Fun
Picture 10 Snow Play February 2012
Picture 11 Using ICT in music
Picture 12 Light and Shadow Investigation
Picture 13 Hindu Stories
Picture 14 Our Play
Picture 15 Rama and Sita Shadow Puppets