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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

A bit of a shock with the school being flooded at the start of the second week of term... giving us a chance in Year 4 to have a huge classroom-and-cupboard clearance and get some good displays up for our Romans and Celts topic. 

We've already got a huge classroom timeline spanning from the dawn of Roman times to the present day, and I love your drawings and captions of historical events, which are hung up all over it.

Over the coming weeks we will be learning about Romans at home, then about their conquest of the surrounding countries, including Britain, and of course their magnificent battle against Boudicca and the Iceni Celts.  On Thursday 24th May we will be visiting the ancient farm of Butser so we have some hands-on experience... letters will be going out very soon!

I hope you are enjoying your new homework books and are taking real pride in the work you do at home.  I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Keep up all your hard work - there's a lot to cover this term but also a lot of fun to be had!

I'll keep the climbing pictures up... what will we be adding next?


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Picture 1 Callum P knot-checking wisely.
Picture 2 Sinead conquering 10m before going way up!
Picture 3 Reef abseiling smoothly.
Picture 4 Megan and Emma show how it's done.
Picture 5 Pure determination!
Picture 6 What it's all about!
Picture 7 Alfie checks his belay system like a pro.
Picture 8 Sheer concentration Ellen!
Picture 9 Erin and Eloise conquer!
Picture 10 Traversing skills - Josh hanging loose, man.
Picture 11 More traversing skills...
Picture 12 Kane can do it one-handed while Lewis aims high...
Picture 13 Grab it Ethan!
Picture 14 Emily's grin says it all!
Picture 15 Eloise and Callum C - spider kids, spider kids...
Picture 16 Hang on in there Ruby!
Picture 17 Our lunchtime at the playground