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Year 6

I cannot believe that the Summer Term is here already and that your children will soon be preparing to leave Year 6 and Byfleet Primary School!

We have a very exciting term ahead of us. We are studying War of the Worlds and as part of this topic we will be organising a trip which links in well. Details of this will be sent out later in the term.

The children will be taking their National Curriculum Assessments (SATs) on the week beginning Monday 12th May. It is extremely important that the children are in school every day that week and the week prior in preparation. A letter with more details on SATs week is attached.

As part of our Health Education Curriculum the school nurse will be talking to the class about Growing up and Changes. The children will also be visiting the Life Bus which has been extremely educational in previous years.

There will also be many sporting events this term including Cricket, Tennis and Football as well as the School and District Sports Athletic events.

In preparation for moving onto their Secondary Schools, the children will have an opportunity to visit their new school and spend time getting to know their new teachers and peers. We will also be doing work later this term on ‘moving on’ preparing them for this transition.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your continued support and as always please do not hesitate to see me if there is anything you would like to discuss with me.
Yours sincerely
Miss Chesterman