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Year 6 Pumas and Y6 Jaguars

Welcome to the Class page for Jaguars and Pumas!  Please check in regularly as we will add information relevant to Year 6, together with photos of our progress and work throughout the term. If you have any questions or queries please arrange a suitable time via the School Office to meet with Mrs Scipior or Miss Yuen.  The Year 6 Team is looking forward to an enjoyable and productive term with our new cohort!  

Kind regards

Mrs Scipior & Miss Yuen

Year 6 Summer Overview

Puma's Timetable

Summer Term Letter

Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop!

Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 1
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 2
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 3
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 4
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 5
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 6
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 7
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 8
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 9
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 10
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 11
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 12
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 13
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 14
Jaguars enjoying their Science Week workshop! 15

Spring Term Letter 2018

The Long-Division Method:-

Maths   We have been working on Long Division and have attached a link which shows the written formal method of calculation which the children are expected to use.  We hope you find this useful.

"" is a great website for revision.  Please find below links to various maths skill pages which are very useful for your revision:   - homepage where you can search for any revision help on any mathematical operation.


For percentages:

For fractions:

For angles:

Jaguars' Victorian Trip

Jaguars' Victorian Trip 1
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 2
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 3
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 4
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 5
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 6
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 7
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 8
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 9
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 10
Jaguars' Victorian Trip 11

Pumas Attend Victorian School!

Pumas Attend Victorian School! 1
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 2
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 3
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 4
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 5
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 6
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 7
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 8
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 9
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 10
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 11
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 12
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 13
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 14
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 15
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 16
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 17
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 18
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 19
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 20
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 21
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 22
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 23
Pumas Attend Victorian School! 24



Please may we ask Parents & Carers to check the children's zippy wallets regularly for any letters and homework.

Many thanks

As discussed during our recent information evening, we have attached the KS2 Grammar Glossary which we hope you will find useful.
'Meet the Teacher' Briefing

Please see attached, for your information, copies of the Pumas & Jaguars'  'Meet the Teacher' presentations.  If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Mrs Scipior & Miss Yuen

Here is a copy of our Autumn Newsletter 2017:   


Year 6 Information


Dear Parents/Carers,


After an enjoyable and hopefully restful break, we are all looking forward to an exciting Autumn Term. The purpose of this newsletter is to give you information about this Term.



Autumn Term – History-Local Area Study ‘The Impact of the Victorian Railways in Britain’

Spring Term – Geography- India

Summer Term – History – ‘Ancient Greek Life’


Any artefacts or books which you are happy for your child to bring in and put on display in the class would be most welcome, but please make sure they are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Homework in the Year 6:

  • Reading – Five times per week recorded
  • Times tables – They will be tested weekly
  • Spellings – They will be tested weekly
  • Maths, including Mathletics
  • English/Topic based homework.


Homework is distributed on Thursdays and needs to be handed in on the following Tuesday at the latest.  Any reasons for it not being completed, please write a short note for the class teacher.


Here at Byfleet Primary School, we expect your child to read at home on a regular basis. We would like to see evidence of this in their reading records five times per week. This supports the expectations of the New Primary English Reading Curriculum.  In Year 6, we also ask the children to widen their reading genre by asking them to choose from a small collection of books from our literary heritage.  These texts are challenging but also a new requirement of the English expectations.  When they finish reading each text they should also complete a short ‘Book Review’ which your child should take home with each book.


In addition to this, our children should be practising their times tables and spellings regularly too in preparation for weekly tests.  The purpose of this is for the children to retain the spellings to use and apply them in their work not just learning them for that particular week. 


Indoor P.E. will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and Outdoor Sports will be on Thursday afternoon.  Your child should bring their named kit in on a Monday and take it home to be cleaned on a Friday. They should have it in school all week to avoid missing a session due to ‘a forgotten kit’!  A note will be sent home to parents with a reminder sticker should any part of the PE kit be forgotten.


A ‘Meet the Teacher’ session has been arranged for the 21st September at 6 pm for Key Stage 2.  We are looking forward to meeting you all to explain expectations about the coming year and answering any questions you might have. 


If, in the meantime, you have any queries or concerns or would like to discuss anything about your child, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the office in order to arrange a time suitable to meet.  We are looking forward to an exciting and successful year for all the children in the class.


                                                        Yours sincerely,

Mrs KD Scipior ~ Jaguars                 Miss K Yuen ~ Pumas

The English curriculum requires Year 6  students to learn and understand the attached spellings by the end of this school year.  Please  practise these words regularly.  

Year 6 Spelling List


Key techniques for practising your spellings



Can you make a silly sentence to help you remember the letter order of a spelling?

Big Elephants Can Always Understanding Small Elephants


Look Cover Write

Look at the spelling carefully, cover it up and write it.  Then check - were you right?

Repeat this a few times.


Say the word in an exaggerated way

Temperature - I will have a temper- at -ure if you don't remember how to spell temperature.

Business - Bus - i  - ness


Know the rules

There are some rules which can be learnt to help you know how to add suffixes as well as the order of letters.

e.g. i before e, except after c when making an 'ee' sound

e.g. when a word has a consonant before the y to make it a plural you remove the y and add -ies.

Remember though - there are always awkward ones that don't follow the rule!  Sorry - you just have to learn these!


Can you tell us of any more ways you might learn your spellings?