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Welcome to our Year 6 page.  Throughout the school year we will download information and pictures relating to our class activities; I hope you enjoy the links.  As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to pop in to see me or drop me a note in the yellow record books.  


As we start the second half of the Spring Term, we are gearing up towards the SATs which is a really busy, hard-working time for the children. As discussed in our Parent meetings, we are continuing to cover and revise all the necessary topics for these subjects and complete example/sample SATs questions.

Most importantly, however, is the well-being of your child. Please try and ensure that they are getting enough rest, eating a balanced diet regularly (breakfast is very important!) and not taking on too much during this important period. There is no reason for them to worry. As we always tell them, they can only do their best.

We are here to help so any questions please come and see one of the Year 6 team.

Kind regards  Mrs Scipior

We would like to wish you all a very happy Easter break! 

Year 6 has been working very hard during the term. Well done for your positive attitude - keep it up. We're very proud of you!  We would like to share these pictures of their fabulous DT work with you:-

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Preparing for the SATS smiley

As I mentioned during our recent Parent meetings, there are a few revision books which I think would be useful for your children.  May I say that you are not obligated to go out and buy them, it is purely a suggestion as some parents were asking how they could help their children in the run up to the tests.

The books are published by CGP  and can be found on Amazon:-


English Revision ISBN 9781 84146 1502     English Revision Book ISBN 9781 84146 1502

 Grammar Study Book ISBN 9781 84762 1658

 Maths Study Book ISBN 9781 84762 1849


There is also an interesting video clip with information regarding the preparation for SATs  and the children's welfare which might be of interest and can be found at

At the end of the clip, a website is mentioned which does contain further resources but I do not, by any means, suggest you purchase any of the services or products.


The above is simply shared as further useful tools for you and your child to use if you would like. There is no pressure to buy these publications. 



Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their skipping session with 'Skip Hop' this morning.  They were put through their paces with some energetic skipping, a few tricks and a try at 'Double-Dutch' skipping with long ropes....remember those days with long ropes and everyone joining in the skip?! smiley
Both Year 5 & Year 6 enjoyed a visit to Hollycombe Steam Fair this week.  We had a brilliant day; glorious weather, interesting talks and lots of laughs on the fair rides.  The children were a credit to the School.  We hope you enjoy some of the pictures of Year 6....




Here is a link that may help some of you with the current Grammar expectations.  If you click on the link (or cut and paste it into the Internet) it should take you to the relevant page.



Enjoy learning!


Mrs Scipior