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Year R

Early Years Profile



Welcome to Hedgehogs class.

In our class we have:

Miss Kirby and Mrs Harper

Reminders and dates

  • PE on a Thursday (PE kits need to be brought to school on Monday and taken home on Friday)
  • Welly Wednesday, once a month on a Wednesday (date to be confirmed each month)
  • Children need a water bottle every day (filled with water only)
  • Please send in your child’s ‘Red communication book’ and reading zippy every day

In reception we learn through play experiences and set adult directed tasks. Over the week the children will have access to many activities that link to 7 areas of learning,

3 prime areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

4 specific areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Our topics this year will be:

Autumn 1: This is Me and My World

Autumn 2: Festivals and Celebrations

Spring 1: Minibeasts in Woods

Spring 2: On the Farm

 Summer 1: Magical Mysteries

Summer 2: Kingdom of Castles  


Learning: The children will have many activities to choose from throughout the day. They will have a challenge card’ to complete over the week. They will be encouraged to complete challenges each day, either child initiated or adult directed which we will record on their cards. This will encourage the children to access different activities around the class, practising new skills and learning. They will receive stickers and certificates for their achievements.

Home Reading: The children will start to bring home reading books. All children will start with picture books and will then move through the scheme as and when we feel they are ready to move. Initially books will be changed Mon, Wed, Fri. This is become more regular as the children become confident readers.

Phonics: Will begin on Monday. The children will learn a new sound every day. They will bring home a sound sheet as and when they learn a sound to practise at home.

Home Tasks: They may have little tasks throughout the year to complete at home such as, draw a picture of your house, find shapes and numbers around the house or on the way to school and draw them etc. These tasks will be linked to the weeks learning.

Show and Tell: The children will be given a day to bring something from home to show the class for ‘Show and Tell’. We ask that these items are brought to school in a named bag and are not fragile or sentimental as the children do handle them when showing the class. We often set a topic for show and tell to link with the class topic. We ask that no toys are brought in unless they are topic related.

Behaviour Management: In each class we use a behaviour ladder. Every child starts on ‘Ready to learn’, they can then move up to ‘Great choices’ ‘Super Attitude’ ‘Outstanding’. When the children reach ‘super attitude’ they receive a sticker on the class sticker chart- if they reach 10 stickers they will be invited to a ‘Heads Tea Party’. If they reach ’Outstanding’ they automatically get an invitation to the tea party. If the children are spoken to regarding behaviour they will receive a verbal warning, if the behaviour continues they will then move down to ‘warning’ ‘timeout’ and finally ‘Consequences’ where they are taken to another class for time-out.

Wednesday Welly Walks The children will be taken on walks around the school grounds and occasionally over to Byfleet football field to explore the environment, seasons and weather. In previous years the children have really enjoyed this experience, learning about the environment and how it changes throughout the year. For walks outside of the school grounds you will be informed when it is going to happen and a consent form will need to be signed.

Library The children will visit the school library. They will choose a book to take home to share with you. This book can stay at home until the following week. (Day to be confirmed).